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Management and operation


National Important Cultural Property The Nozaki Family Historic Residence
Nozaki Family Salt Industry History Museum Okayama Prefecture Designated Historic Site Nozaki Family Former Residence


1-11-19 Kojimaajino, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Phone / FAX

TEL 086-472-2001
FAX 086-472-2636

Management and operation

It is managed and operated by the Ryuo Kaikan Foundation. Our corporation aims to contribute to the improvement of local cultural standards by opening the facilities we own, preserving and displaying historical materials of the salt industry, and conducting academic research.

You can download the materials from the link below.


Request for donation

The Ryuo Kaikan Foundation was established in 1970, and as a result of accumulating activities such as preservation and disclosure of housing facilities and academic research on the history of the salt industry, it is the first public interest incorporated foundation in Okayama Prefecture to operate a museum. It was certified as a corporation and the corporate name was changed to "Ryuo Kaikan" on April 1, 2011. With this certification, everyone donated to this corporation can receive preferential treatment under the Income Tax Law and the Corporation Tax Law. We kindly ask for your support and special support.

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