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privacy policy

The Nozaki Family Salt Industry History Museum will comply with the proper handling and protection of personal information of users, and will endeavor to protect personal information based on the following privacy policy.

Definition of personal information

Information about an individual user (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"), which refers to information that can identify an individual such as name, address, and telephone number. It also includes information that can identify an individual by collating it in combination with other information.

Disclosure of personal information

This site may ask you to provide your e-mail address, name, address, etc. within the scope of the next purpose.

・ To obtain statistical data for taking measures to provide higher quality services to users ・ To provide services that request, such as sending e-mails to users ・ Lectures To apply for participation in meetings, events, workshops, etc. ・ To directly hear requests and opinions about services ・ To send (contact) office communication emails

Security management of personal information

This site takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system and maintenance of management system for proper management of personal information, implements safety measures, and strictly manages personal information.
In addition, we will take appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access, leakage, powder loss, destruction, falsification, etc.

Use of personal information

As a general rule, this site shall use the personal information of the user within the scope of the above-mentioned "purpose of personal information acquisition", and if it is used outside the scope of the "purpose of personal information acquisition", it should be used in advance. We shall obtain the consent of the user. In addition, the acquired personal information will not be used or provided for any purpose other than the purpose of use without the consent of the individual.

Purpose of personal information acquisition

This site does not disclose or provide the personal information of users to third parties except in the following cases.

・ When consent has been obtained from the user in advance ・ When this site discloses or provides to the outsourced company, etc. to the extent necessary to provide the service desired by the user

Acquisition of personal information

We mainly collect information necessary for answering and replying to various inquiries and applications.

Disclosure / correction / suspension / deletion

If there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. of your personal information, we will promptly respond after confirming your identity.

Legal compliance and continuous improvement

In order to reflect the feedback from users, we plan to review this "privacy policy" as necessary and improve it from time to time. When handling personal information, we will comply with applicable laws and norms related to personal information protection, review the system and management so that it can be implemented effectively, and strive for continuous improvement.
Please check this privacy policy regularly to see how our site protects your information.

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