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2022 annual schedule (tentative)

We would like to inform you of the annual schedule. "Art of Fukuyama" April 7th (Thursday) -June 19th (Sunday) Fukuyama Castle In commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the construction of the castle, we will exhibit art related to Fukuyama in the Nozaki family's collection. "Folding screen and pottery-Kurashiki University of Science student work and Nozaki family collection-" June 23 (Thursday) -September 4 (Sunday) Works of creative and original expression drawn by students of Kurashiki University of Science and Technology. A collaborative exhibition of energetic works by academic advisor and painter Tomoki Moriyama and the collection of the Nozaki family. "Praise now and then" September 8th (Thursday) -November 20th (Sunday) Living in Kurashiki The 4th Okayama Prefecture Up-and-coming Artist Training "Mr. I Award" Grand Prize, To coincide with the solo exhibition of Tomoki Kodama, a painter who won the Energia Art Award. An exhibition in which contemporary art and historical architectural space resonate with the participation of two people, Kim Hyoyun and LEE Yunkyung. With rich colors, it unfolds a splendid and profound world.

"Exhibition of works used for calendar" November 24th (Thursday) -January 29th (Sunday) "Hina dolls Exhibition" February 1st (Wednesday) -April 9th ​​(Sunday), 2023 "Hina dolls party of friendly reunion" February 18th (Sat) -March 5th (Sun), 2023 Exhibitions are subject to change without notice. Please look forward to it!

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