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The 23rd Kojima Hina Tour

Period: February 19th (Sat) -March 6th (Sun), 2022

The opening event on February 19th has been cancelled.

At the former Nozaki family residence, together with the "Nozaki family Hina dolls exhibition" currently being held, The villa, Taikado, is open to the public! To do! Hina dolls sent from ordinary households will be released at once in a large hall with 100 tatami mats! During the period, both the main residence and the villa are open 7 days a week. Don't miss this opportunity. Various other related events are planned in the Kojima area. There are places where you can see original Hina dolls such as jeans, school clothes, canvas, Sanada Himo, and the tatami mats, so please come visit us if you like.


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